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Environmental Due Diligence / Environmental Site Assessments

APEX's environmental due diligence services consist of comprehensive investigations aimed at identifying potential historical and current environmental liabilities associated with commercial and industrial properties. In accordance with applicable ASTM standards, APEX will perform the following services:

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

  • Review Information Provided by the Client.
  • Public Records Review.
  • Physical Setting Assessment and Site Reconnaissance.
  • Historical Use Information.
  • Report Preparation.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

If potential environmental problems or liabilities are identified during the Phase I ESA, APEX may recommend further investigation of the site through a variety of sampling methods. The purpose of a Phase II ESA is to confirm or deny the presence of potential environmental liabilities, and in some cases, quantify the amount of liability identified.

Remediation, Remediation Design, and Regulatory Negotiation

If corrective action is required for the site based upon the outcome of the Phase II sampling events, APEX personnel will construct an appropriate mitigation and remediation design for the identified problems. APEX will also provide management oversight of the implemented corrective action and, if necessary, negotiate cleanup settlements with the applicable state or federal regulatory agency.

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